57.1094° N, 135.691° W

Kruzof Island

13 miles across the Sound from Sitka, sandwiched between the wide open North Pacific`and rugged Baranof Island, is a magical mystery land just waiting to take you away. Kruzof Island is unique in the entirety of Southeast Alaska. Roughly 25 miles from SE to NW and 8 miles wide, with 170 sq mi of surface, this rugged community of rock, water, plant and animal guards much of Sitka Sound from the ravages of the open ocean. The southern half of the island, both above and below the sea, is an extensive volcanic field, while further north, great granite outcrops greet the sea. Miles upon miles of volcanic black sands, gravels, cobbles and boulders mingle amongst twisted basaltic formations……reminders of an explosive past.

With her remote wilderness beaches, ancient forests and muskegs, a crazy abundance of wildlife, hiking trails, USFS wilderness recreation cabins and majestic mountains, Kruzof Island, and 3200’ Mount Edgecumbe, is a prominent feature in our landscape and in our lives.