Farewell to May and hello to June… Summer in Sitka, Alaska.

Logged June 3, 2017 under Flora , Wildlife

We left Sitka in our wake and cruised to a secret garden (low tide garden that is!) for a morning of exploration and subsistence gathering of Porphyra kelp, aka Nori.

The sun was warm and seas glassy calm as we slid into a tiny puddle of an anchorage, barely big enough for the Esther G to rest at anchor. Flanked by curious Harbor Seals, hungry Sea Otters, vocal Bald Eagles, Harlequin Ducks, mysterious Marbled Murrelets, Black Oyster-Catchers and a lone Humpback Whale, my daughter and I launched our 10’ inflatable raft and rowed silently through a convoluted network of narrow rocky channels created by the extreme minus tide……. It was all just simply sublime…..

Alask Girls Rock
Alaska Girls Rock!

So much life abounds, so many organisms coexist in the intertidal and shallow subtidal waters surrounding Sitka Sound and Baranof Island. The great Tongass National Forest, and her miles upon miles, upon miles of wilderness coastline, offer visitor and resident, alike, experiences more precious than all the wealth of man. Come join us for your own transformative Sitka wildlife and wilderness experience!

Barnacles and Blue Mussels
Ochre Star in Surfgrass (Pisaster ochraceus & Phyllospadix)
Ochre Star in Surfgrass (Pisaster ochraceus & Phyllospadix)