Marine Wildlife Tours

Marine Wildlife Tours are offered on a private-boat, single-payer basis: 3 and 4-hour excursions are priced at $900 and $1050, respectively; Sitka sales tax is included.  In most cases, we accommodate a maximum of six passengers/trip.  However, in some instances, if your party has more than six passengers, we may be able to arrange for multiple vessels to travel simultaneously, in tandem

Surf and Turf

Our FULL-DAY Ocean/Beach/Forest Wilderness Adventure is available, on a private basis only, for those who seek our ultimate wildlife and wilderness experience. As well, fully customized tours, of more than four hours and those in combination with other adventures (floatplane trip for example) can be arranged. Please contact us for details and pricing

Coastal Wilderness Transport

Coastal wilderness transportation is billed at $200.00/hour + Sitka sales tax, for up to six passengers with their gear.

Research and Logistics

Extended transport, as well as photographic and research (including underwater research activities) excursions are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

PRIVATE Historical Walking Tours, Local Knowledge Tours, Kid’s Natural History Day Camp Experiences and Marine Debris Cleanup Trips are all available at custom rates. Please contact us for details and pricing.

Wildlife Tours during the months of October-February are offered on a private-boat basis only; these 2-hour trips are priced at $550