Coastal Wilderness Transport / Sea Taxi

USFS Recreation Cabins, Kayakers, Bicyclists and Hikers

The Tongass National Forest is rich in natural abundance. It’s also overflowing with wilderness recreational opportunities. Within the boundaries of the Sitka Ranger District there are more than twenty recreation cabins and shelters, all are situated on the most beautiful remote beaches and lakes. Many are accessible only by boat from Sitka. There are beautiful remote hikes, bicycle trails, surfing beaches, hot springs and kayaking routes throughout this spectacular wild paradise.


As an expert in navigating the waterways and negotiating dropoffs and pickups on remote beaches of the extended Sitka coastal area, Sitka Wildlife Adventures is your wilderness transportation solution!! The Esther G II is custom built to get you, and all your gear, there and back again safely, efficiently and enjoyably!

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Geared up and ready for some fun in the Sound.