Logged January 1, 2019

What an amazing experience! Captain Davey’s tour came highly recommended and it lived up to its legend. We had 6 family members aboard ranging in age from 7 to 60+ years. All of us were thrilled with the whales, wildlife, history and birds we were able to experience. Our journey over to Saint Lazaria Island was wonderful as we took a very nice tour of the bay and saw Sitka from the water before setting a direct path to the Island. Captain Davey gave us the history of Sitka in a very engaging manner. As we approached Saint Lazaria, it became obvious why this island was so special. Birds of all kinds everywhere, especially the many types of Puffins. Each area of the island had a different view to it, so we were glad we were not rushed and could just stop and explore and see more closely with binoculars the nesting activity. Captain Davey capably answered our many questions. We then headed to a different spot where sea lions, sea otters and more birds were hanging out - amazing views. Captain Davey then spotted some whale “spouts” in the distance and quickly got us to the scene where we were surrounded by humpback whales! One whale came within 50 feet of the boat! What a fantastic experience for our family. One we will be talking about for a long time! Also, Captain Davey has so much expertise in all creatures - marine or avian, and of the area. We highly recommend this tour while you’re in Sitka! Thank you, Captain Davey!