Logged January 1, 2018

We had the pleasure of spending 3-hours w/ Captain Davey (and Esther) while our cruise ship was in port in early June. This type of excursion was recommended by our friends but none had been out on the water w/ Captain Davey. Life is about experiences and, without question, this was the best experience we've ever had. Captain Davey was warm, welcoming, patient (we brought 4 little kids), passionate and extremely knowledgeable of the area. The views were breathtaking, the knowledge we gained was priceless and the Chocolate Chip cookies were delicious. We experienced Whales, Puffins, Murres, Sea Otters, Sea Lions, Eagles & Falcons (and I'm probably forgetting a few more). I am convinced there is no better way to see Sitka. We sadly disembarked after only 3-hours together and immediately started to discuss, "How do we move to Sitka". This trip had a tremendous impact on our lives and we owe that to Captain Davey. He is a great man and someone who wears his love for his City/State on his sleeve. Do yourself a favor and book a tour through Esther G Sea Taxi. You will not regret it.